Harmony and Natural Profiles.

20 years of experience in Rhinoseptoplasty.


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20 years of superspecialization in open septorhinoplasty!

Rhinoplasty changes your life for the better! We call on professionals when we want the best results! Dr. Vidrașcu's team is overspecialized in rhinoplasty, and thus offers the guarantee of a functional and natural aesthetic result.

Rhinoplasty is the moment when you rediscover confidence in yourself, the joy of breathing beautifully and healthily. A new beginning, a harmonious profile, a visible increase in the quality of your life and self-esteem.

Our medical team is concerned with the safety of the clinic patient, starting from the moment of his appointment, until the post-operative checks. We are trained for rhinoplasty interventions, and the technical equipment with radiofrequency, well-calculated operating times, reduced exposure to anesthetic, long-term postoperative supervision, all these contribute to increasing the level of patient safety.

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